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AC Jensen

US Navy Veteran and Veteran Engagement Panel facilitator     

"Gay Thomas is a tremendous addition to our team, whether creating new materials for patient engagement panel meetings or providing thoughtful review to materials drafted by others.  Her communication is clear and concise;  she has a true gift for distilling complex ideas into key questions to discuss with patient partners.  Her manner is respectful, engaging and she brings both enthusiasm and curiosity to her work.  Gay is extremely responsive and often provides requested materials ahead of schedule."  

Gibril Jarjue

Member, Community Advisors on Research Design & Strategies®

"I met Gay when I joined as one of the original Community Advisors group members in 2010. Over the years, we got really helpful training from Gay, training I have used at work and at home. And Gay is an expert group facilitator! But more than all this, she has also become a real friend. That is all about the consideration she shows and her respect for each of us in the group. Throughout the time I have known her, well, it’s obviously about the work we are doing together –- but it’s also about her authentic interest in me as a person, her care for my family, my kids – that means a lot."

Kristina Penniston, PhD RDN CD FAND

UW-Madison School of Medicine

& Public Health

"Community and stakeholder engagement in research is increasingly required for federal grant applications. I knew it was therefore an important topic to bring to the urologic research community in my capacity as director of an NIDDK-funded coordinating center but had little idea how to package and deliver the education and training needed. Gay worked with me and my team to devise a comprehensive and engaging virtual series aimed at equipping clinical and basic science investigators with the skills and knowledge needed to engage patients and other stakeholders in their research. More than that, because of her extensive knowledge in this area and her sheer passion, Gay imbued in all of us a tremendous enthusiasm and respect for patient and other stakeholder engagement in the research process, which me and my colleagues will no doubt carry with us as we move forward in our work."

Rick Dunn

Member, Community Advisors on Research Design & Strategies®

"As a Goodman Community Center member, I had the good fortune to join the C.A.R.D.S. (community advisors on research and design strategies) group.

Gay Thomas was one of the group’s facilitators. Very early in the orientation process, we were mentored in the core qualities of the CARDS group (love, respect, community, compassion, and kindness). Gay’s  modeling of these behaviors built the foundation for the group. Her ability and expertise in sharing information between professional researchers and community members is key to the success of our advisory group. As wonderful as Gay is as a facilitator, she’s even a better human being!"

Anne Chevalier McKechnie, PhD RN

Univeristy of Minnesota

School of Nursing

"We included funding for our crucial work with Gay in two project budgets. The projects benefited enormously from her expertise in planning and conducting focus groups -- inviting essential feedback from parents and community members to guide our next steps for research. We found Gay's experience and insightful approach resulted in exactly the kind of detailed responses we needed. Gay is amazing to work with!"

Click here for complete list of consultation on funded research grants. 

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Riley Jones

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