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Consultation Services

Do you want to:

  • Recruit stakeholders or study participants?

  • Develop a patient, community or other stakeholder advisory board?

  • Get advice on how to make your client or patient-facing messages and materials more relevant/effective?

  • Run a productive focus group session?

  • Develop a website that works for the target audience?

  • Meet with a "standing focus group" to user-test a wide range of materials and ideas?

Let's talk to see how we can work

together on any/all of these!

  • Identify relevant stakeholders and appropriate engagement methods

  • Establish metrics of success 

  • Review client or stakeholder-facing materials

  • Develop tailored engagement plans to match target populations, timeline, budget, critical deliverables 

  • Create effective stakeholder communication plans and materials

  • Design strategic stakeholder meeting agendas and activities 

  • Conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups

  • Generate actionable input from “end users” on products, materials, websites, smart phone apps and more

  • Sustain meaningful stakeholder involvement

  • Deliver trainings, workshops

Effective Partnerships

Diverse Perspectives

Actionable Advice

Better Outcomes

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